Protection of right to speedy Justice

Aparna Singh

Chennai, July 17: Madras high court to take decision regarding litigation filed to constitute a special bench for speedy justice for all the Habeas Corpus Petitioners (HCPs).

The writ petition filed in public interest by P. Pugalenthi director of the Prisioners Right Forum demands speedy disposal of the cases. The attack on 500 prisoners in Central Prison Puzhal on 24.3.2014 left 20 injured. These prisoners detained under the Goondas Act were on a hunger strike protesting against the delay in court hearing.

Central Prison Puzhal
Central Prison Puzhal

According to Senior Council Dr. Radhakrishna, the prisoners cannot be forced to complete the entire detention period of 12 months.

“Under Article 21, Fundamental right to speedy justice, any litigant can fight and dispose his case immediately” he added.

In response to the affidavit Registrar General P. Kalaiyarasan dismissing the petition stated, “The writ petition is false, frivolous and not maintainable either in law or on facts”.

Madras High Court
Madras High Court

In the next court hearing the issue whether the chief Justice can be directed by the petitioner or other High court judges to set up special bench will be contemplated.


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